Steve McQueen’s 1915 Cyclone Motorcycle  @FGIDEAS

One of the most exclusive motorcycles ever produced – and that was formerly owned by Steve McQueen – will be going under the hammer in March. Minnesota-based motorcycle manufacturer Joerns Motor Manufacturing Company produced one of the most highly prized pieces of motorcycling history – the Cyclone. Because its production run was so short, very few of the original Cyclone motorcycles were made. The best estimates say around 300 were manufactured, with only six known to remain in existence today. And one of them is in McQueen’s collection. Anything owned by McQueen is selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. After McQueen’s death in 1984, the motorcycle was purchased by EJ Cole, who will be auctioning a massive collection of 225 vintage motorcycles in the March EJ Cole Collection 2015.

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