Soft Light by Simon Frambach  @FGIDEAS

The theory of designing a lamp, that’s altered totally in its performance best through its untypical and extraordinary surface has been the first focal point for me. To me it is fascinating how one little alteration (the softness) can actually exchange the whole idea of a product that surrounds us. German design student Simon Frambach states.
His latest physique of work is the “Soft Light”. it’s a mushy and versatile gentle shade made from foamed polyurethane.
mushy mild may also be positioned in unused spaces like cavities in furniture and different locations as an object that fills a void in a single’s residing atmosphere. Its heat and tangible floor invites to touching and literally feeling light. the outcome is a mild which is extremely flexible in use while not having a technical characteristic. Its curvy fluent shape that resembles a calabash pumpkin provokes an organic and acquainted appearance for a thoroughly artificial and industrialized material.

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