Romanian Pub Transports Visitors to a World of Steampunk  @FGIDEAS

Stepping into the pub Joben Bistro is like entering an unbelievable steampunk fantasy. Located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the unique pub was designed by the studio 6th Sense to look like a space pulled straight from the pages of a Jules Verne or H.G. Wells novel. Divided into three rooms with an array of theatrical installations and interesting design elements, Joben Bistro is both cozy and industrial, featuring an abundance of copper pipes, exposed mechanical gears, distressed wood furniture, and beautifully warm lighting.

It’s the details that really set the pub apart as a truly inspired steampunk space. Dozens of quirky objects line the walls and hang from the ceiling, each with its own touch of pseudo-Victorian or retro-futuristic style. From the LED zeppelin emitting a spooky glow overhead, to the mounted deer head sporting a monocle and other mechanical parts, to the lampshades shaped to look like top hats, each fantastical element of Joben Bistro blurs the line between fiction and reality, taking visitors to a whole other world of fantasy and science fiction.

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