Redesigning Old Military Airplanes  @FGIDEAS

In Spring 2010, the idea of The Boneyard Project was first devised by Eric Firestone and organized by curator Carlo McCormick. What the project entailed was the revival of “nose art” which was popularized during the World War II era. It involves reinterpreting the body of an aircraft – a sort of airplane graffiti. Firestone’s concept has since evolved into a larger goal in which various international contemporary artists are set to redesign the entirety of old, out-of-use military planes.

The term “bone yard” refers to the remote, desolate parking stations for these behemoth, inactive vessels in the dessert. The first installment of this expanding series, called The Boneyard Project: Nose Job, was comprised of works from over a dozen artists. This current “part 2” of the project is titled The Boneyard Project: Return Trip and features more than 30 artists.

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