Photography by Gray Malin  @FGIDEAS

Inspired by the 1960’s jet-set lifestyle, Gray Malin arranged for countless brightly colored lifesavers to flood the pristine waters of a resort pool on the coast of Spain for Poolside. Each photo captures an aerial shot above a radiant body of water with candy colored inner tubes sprawling across the aquatic canvas in what only can be described as a relaxed and life-like fashion. In most of the shots, the lifesavers share a color, except perhaps one or so to take center stage –a lemon-yellow inner tube in a sea of cherry red or a smattering of bright blue scattered about a vast ocean of orange. Occasionally, a single individual can be spotted taking it easy in the sun, perhaps reading a book and/or ready to dive into the deep blue. Breaking away from the pattern in other pieces in the series, The Great Escape explodes in a rainbow of colors in a giant, collage that brings to mind a light hearted splash in the sun.

Exemplifying a relaxed day out under the Mediterranean sun, Poolside shows us Malin’s vision of the world: a bright, fun getaway that fully embraces the joys life has to offer in simple surroundings.

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