Photography by Brazilian Athletes From The Sky With A Drone

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A project made by Edoardo Delille and Gabriele Galimberti. Rio’s sports seen from above. In his novel “The Baron in the Trees” Italo Calvino explains that in order to observe the earth properly we should keep at a certain distance. This has been our mantra when, with the help of a drone, we searched for the soul of sport in Rio. What we discovered is that if sport and physicality are so often elevated to the rank of religion, it made sense to have those officiating looking up to the heavens. Indeed, using God’s eye, we realized that the differences between a favela and a rich neighborhood are not the ones we might see from down below. Distance, prospective, relationship, all change from this vantage point. Eventually, we find out about a place, the usages and the particularities of that place. A totally new genius loci appears when we look from above.