Modular Garden Shed

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The Kekkilä Green Shed creates the heart of any kitchen garden. The Green Shed is a unique combination of a traditional garden shed and a green house. It can be used for small scale growing, storing garden tools as well as leisure and enjoyment. The beautiful and practical Green Shed is the result of long-term co-operation between designers and garden experts. Kekkilä Green Shed was designed by Linda Bergroth, a Finnish interior architect (freelance) and Ville Hara, a Finnish architect (avanto architects). The Green Shed comes in two pre-fabricated sizes: Sprout and Zeal. The sheds are designed to suit all gardening dreams and garden types. They can all be built using the same modules, and there are additional modules for further customising your shed. Due to this modular structure, the sheds are easy to assemble. Made in Finland, the Kekkilä Green Sheds are durable and of a high quality. They are constructed using Finnish pine and toughened safety glass. Paint your assembled shed any colour you like to really make it yours.