Fondue Slippers By Satsuki Ohata  @FGIDEAS

Going shoe shopping could be a thing of the past if Satsuki Ohata (a Japanese designer ) has anything to do with it as he promotes his newest creation for the footwear market, the ‘fondue slippers’ .
The fondue slipper are a pair of shoes which perfectly match the shape of the wearers foot by casting a quick drying mould of their feet. The product is named after the familiar snack cheese fondue which was the main influence on Ohata to make his creation.
The fondue slippers can be worn both inside and outside and are completely adjustable by folding the heel up or down.

At the moment the ‘fondue slippers’ are still being developed but Satsuki but he hopes to begin to sell his footwear soon so that everyone can have their very own fully customizable pair of fondue slippers.

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