Extreme Photographer Krystle Wright  @FGIDEAS

‘With adventure photography, there are no sidelines to hold you back from the sport. To capture adventure you have to be part of it, I’ve paraglided at 7000m above the Karakoram Range in Pakistan, swum in 10ft waves off Indonesia, and camped on a frozen fjord in the Arctic for a month. Every trip throws unique challenges and I love it!’ These are the words of Krystle Wright, Australian adventure photographer.
In her video, To The Ends of The Earth, she speaks about her only fear: regret. It is this fear that pushes her to make the most of her life and to chase the horizon with camera in hand. Krystle wanted to be a photographer as soon as she left school at age 18 and nothing has kept her from it ever since. In a nutshell, it seems that Krsytle Wright has an incredible life and we are half-inspired, half-jealous.

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