DIY Industrial Shelves Of Rope  @FGIDEAS

Looking for some cool industrial shelves? Here’s an idea! The supplies are four 6- to 8-foot lengths of 5/8-inch rope, four 6- to 8-foot lengths of 1/2-inch rope, 2 wooden shelves, a drill, a 1/2-inch spade bit, paint, 2 hooks, scissors, a lighter. Use the 1/2-inch spade bit to drill holes in each of the four corners of the shelves, and then paint the shelves on all sides. Take one length of thin and one length of thick rope, and thread them halfway through the ring of the hardware. Then tie two knots about 12 inches from the ring in each direction. Thread the rope ends through the holes of the first shelf, and knot under the shelf to secure. The rest of the tutorial is here, finish the shelves and fix them on the wall.

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