Cardboard Soundsystem by Berlin Boombox

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Berlin-based designer and illustrator Axel Pfaender has combined his passion for music and design to come up with this cool soundsystem made from cardboard. With it’s bold black and white design the Berlin Boombox is a guaranteed head-turner, reminiscent of the old school ghettoblasters from the 80s. It’s armed with today’s technology, made from sustainable materials, features an amazing sound and it booms at an affordable price, too. Plug in your iPhone, Android mobile or any other MP3 player with a headphone jack. This is the first boombox that you can build yourself! The Berlin Boombox comes as a kit consisting of a die-cut cardboard structure and all electronic parts. Everything is designed to be easy to build, it will only take a couple of minutes. You won’t need any tools or glue. No geek knowledge is necessary, the construction manual guides you step-by-step. Now hook up to your phone or MP3, turn it up and start the party! The Berlin Boombox is made of recycled cardboard. All cardboard parts are fully recyclable. The lightweight construction which is packed flat means less energy is used for shipping. All design, screen-printing, cardboard production and packaging is done locally in Berlin. “How good can a cardboard soundsystem actually sound?”, people wonder. “You’ll be amazed”, says Axel Pfaender. The powerful 2×5 watt amplifier and speakers have been custom tailored by audio equipment manufacturer Mivoc from Solingen, Germany, especially for the Berlin Boombox. For an even better sound, Bongiovi Acoustics from Florida have included a Berlin Boombox Hifi audio profile into their iPhone app Bongiovi DPS. It can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store.