Animated LED bicycle wheel lights by Monkey Light Pro  @FGIDEAS

Last year the team at MonkeyLectric made a splash on the tech scene with the release of their LED bicycle wheel lights. For 2013 though, the brand is turning up the heat with the introduction of their completely customizable bike wheel lighting system.

Working off the same principle as the previously released system, this time around riders will get the chance to customize their LED light experience with the Monkey Light Pro system. The end result is an animated light show consisting of anything from figures to scrolling text. There are 4 bars in all, equipped with 256 LEDs that will emit over 4,000 different colors. Using Bluetooth, riders can select their choice of 90 second videos, 1,000 images, or scrolling commentary as seen in the video. The durable and waterproof lights are a fun way to bring awareness to the cyclists during their evening commutes. Right now the brand is looking to get funding through their Kickstarter campaign, and judging from their past endeavors, we think this one could be a hit.

Posted: August 24, 2013  |  3714 Views
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