The Nakagin Capsule Tower designed by Kisho Kurokawa  @FGIDEAS

In the city of Tokyo, a building stands as an anachronism in the case of the surrounding landscape. The building in question is the Nakagin tablet Tower designed through Kisho Kurokawa (1934 – 2007), probably the most major participants of an experimental architectural motion within the Nineteen Sixties known as Metabolism. This prototype for existence within the twenty first Century in some way proved to be an exception relatively than the rule of thumb, as the first capsule tower changed into the ultimate accomplished on this planet. lately, the constructing faces the threat of demolition to make way for a traditional condo complicated. This photographic collection captures the building because it faces an uncertain fate. Noritaka Minami’s work ‘1972’ is a ongoing project and a response to the building’s potential disappearance as a tangible piece of cultural memory in Tokyo. The digicam engages this singular presence inside a metropolis and explores the implications this imaginative and prescient of the future from the prior holds for latest society.

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