This all-terrain vehicle is called the DTV Shredder, because it´s a dual tracked vehicle, and it shreds any surface you can think of! DTV´s CEO says it´s a “mini tank that rides like a skateboard”, and we do think that´s quite the accurate description for it, it can go up to speeds like 25 mph (40kmh), and that´s fast on a small thing like this! With 6-point articulating suspension, cast aluminum swing arms, variable speed, CVT system and the original two paddle styled, molded rubber tracks, it´s really a perky all-surface toy. With a 200cc, four stroke engine, that develops 14 hp, and a weight of 145 kg, it´ll literally take you any place you want to go! It´s pivoting deck allows you to swing it, and give it the direction you want to, it also features hydraulic brakes to stop it properly. So whether it´s snow, sand, dirt or gravel, if you want to shred it in a new and fun way, the DTV is the way to go! watch the video and check it out in action.

Posted: July 3, 2018  |  9243 Views
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