The Derringer Electric Bike  @FGIDEAS

The Derringer Electric Bike is the first e-bike from well known motorised bicycle manufacturer Derringer, it’s designed to evoke the styling queues of the Board-Track racers of the 1910s and 1920s whilst implementing newer, more sky friendly technologies.

In order to provide for people in multiple income brackets, the Derringer Electric Bike will be offered in 3 versions, each offering different performance at a different price point.

The most affordable is the Derringer Heritage Series electric bike, it’d powered by a 37 volt 12.5Ah Li-NMC battery coupled to a 750W high-torque gearless hub motor making it street legal in the USA and many other countries with a 750W limit.

Next up is the Derringer Signature Series bike, it’s powered by a 52V 12.5 Ah Li-NMC battery couple to a 2000W high-torque gearless or geared hub motor. It is possible to electronically limit the power output to 750W and 20mph in order to stay street-legal.

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