BMW E30 TM Concept  @FGIDEAS

The E30 has long been one of our favorite body styles from BMW. The German auto maker used the body style to introduce the first ever M3, which has of course gone on to become an icon in the automotive world. To celebrate the 30th anniversary since its inception, the team at TMCars has decided to give the beloved E30 a modern remodel with their TM Concept30 kit.

Just over a year ago, the Hungarian crew teased us with some concept photos, and now they have put the renderings into production. The kit keeps much of the styling characteristics we love so much from the 80s E30, but infuses it with some modern day technology, like the LED daytime running lights. The rear end could use a bit of work, but for the most part, this is a nice concept. This is the only one on the road.

Posted: January 31, 2018  |  16389 Views
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